Product Management Benchmarking

Product Management Benchmarking Benefits

Establish a benchmark to drive ROI, with data insights to drive and grow growth and opportunities.


  • Leverage output from the audit to benchmark the current product/portfolio (feature plan, open bug list, etc.) Metric benchmarking for all future strategy and execution.
  • Evaluate the performance of each product relative to the business value and strategy.
  • Identify the ROI for each product including cost to build and support, drive revenue, and increase margins.
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritize process improvement opportunities.
  • Develop a factual basis for driving change.


  • A comprehensive, detailed comparison of functional and process
    performance, analyses of root causes of complexity and value of
    products/offerings delivered, specific
    business best practices.
  • Agile design thinking, test-and-learn approaches required to deliver process improvements and efficiencies, and targeted
    recommendations, presented in boardroom-level, results-oriented
    business terms.