Bonnie K. Glass

Owner & Founder of B3 Consulting

B3 brings extensive experience and leadership to drive your organization’s vision, growth, and success. Our team shares a strategic mindset and a deep understanding of business dynamics.  Developing new markets, channels, and products, leveraging emerging opportunities to expand your reach and revenue streams. Through thorough market research and staying ahead of industry trends, we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Having served as a leader in product and offer management, we effectively communicate the value of products to stakeholders, garnering support for your offerings.

Overall, B3 combines strategic thinking, strong leadership, and a deep understanding of the market to drive our clients’ organizations forward. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth, we are committed to leading your company to new heights of success.

Betsy Sapienza

Let us help you maximize your ‘IMPACT’!  Using our systems, we can boost communication channels to promote accurate and efficient solutions. Having served as a lead facilitator in the Educational and Financial domains, we can sensibly assist you in developing processes that are sustainable to grow your business.

We believe that in an environment where we feel inspired, safe and fulfilled every single day, we contribute to something bigger than ourselves and collectively create a reality to change our world.

Diana Goble

With 20+ years of experience managing and specifying software development projects, my expertise spans analytics, telecom, and networking. I specialize in crafting product development specifications for cloud-based software. Notably, I led the development of an innovative cloud-based analytics product for wind farms and alternative energy programs.

Skilled in project management and well-versed in software development principles, I thrive on delivering successful outcomes. Let’s collaborate on transformative projects in cloud-based software development.

At B3 we are constantly motivated by the opportunity to contribute to transformative projects that have a positive impact on industries such as renewable energy. We look forward to taking on new and exciting ventures in the realm of cloud-based software development.